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Maple Business Planning Modules

These online maple business modules can be used make plans for an existing business or to strategize for the start-up of a new business. Tools include ‘Annual Production Yield Forecast,’ ‘Pricing and Sales Forecast,’ ‘Annual Budget and Cost Analysis,’ and more. UVM Extension is developing more maple business resources and tools every year.

Maple Business Resources

Useful materials for developing a business plan for your maple operation

Maple News Videos

Product Demos and other videos from Maple News.

Maple Research Program

Collection of research into the composition, properties and potential health of maple ingredients and bioactive compounds.

Maple Science

Maple education for Junior High School Audience

Maple Syrup Density Management

Consistent, accurate measurement of maple syrup density is a challenge for many maple syrup producers. In maple sap and maple syrup, Brix may be determined using either density (hydrometer or hydrotherm) or refractometry (optical or digital refractometer). This is a guide to determining density of maple syrup.