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Conducting and understanding experiments in maple operations

Research studies must follow certain rules in order for the findings to be valid. This column discusses a few of these simple rules: comparison of treatment vs. control, replication, dealing with natural variation, and statistical validity.

Counting Sugar Makers

Analysis of the 2012 U.S. Census of Agriculture’s report on the maple industry.

Energy Efficiency in the Sugarhouse

Boiling syrup is energy intensive, but there are ways for sugarmakers to calcuate and improve their energy use.

Energy use in maple operations

A summary of a presentation on energy efficiency in maple production.

How deep do you tap?

An investigation into the impact of tap hole depth on tree health.

How Many Taps?

Tapping guidelines written by state regulators haven’t always kept pace with changes in industry practices or understanding of the science of sap flow, and researchers are working to update tapping guidelines.

How to Choose an Evaporator

When choosing an evaporator, it’s important to find the right size, fuel type, and tools to maximize efficiency.