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2010 Sugaring Season Survey

In mid-April 2010, an invitation to participate in a survey was sent to subscribers of two maple forums. The survey was designed to get some basic information about the operations of the respondents, to describe sanitation practices (changing tubing, spouts, etc.) and to get feedback from users about the Leader Check-valve adapter.

Conducting and understanding experiments in maple operations

Research studies must follow certain rules in order for the findings to be valid. This column discusses a few of these simple rules: comparison of treatment vs. control, replication, dealing with natural variation, and statistical validity.

Energy use in maple operations

A summary of a presentation on energy efficiency in maple production.

How deep do you tap?

An investigation into the impact of tap hole depth on tree health.

Identification of Microbial Spoilage in Maple Syrup Samples

An increasing number of maple syrup samples containing floating masses or surface mold have arrived at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Conventional practices have been to discard obvious mold growths, reboil and consume the syrup. This practice may be risky, especially with the increasing number of food borne illness outbreaks with other food products.