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Sap Business Planning

Analysis of market for those interested in collecting and selling sap.

Sugarbush Lease 2020: An Annotated Guide

This educational resource is designed for maple syrup producers, maple sap producers and forest land owners to consider, discuss and formalize lease agreements. This resource is not intended to replace the guidance of a legal professional. The situation for each person and party is different and professional legal assistance is recommended to ensure your business agreements are accurate, appropriate and complete.

Reduced sap yields from tapping into stained wood

What is the impact on sap production when your tap into an old wound? With tubing systems, it is almost impossible to know for sure. This presentation covers preliminary sap yield data from clean tap holes versus holes that hit brown wood.

Tap Below Lateral

How producers can effectively set taps below the lateral line.

Stained wood

What happens when taps are set into wood impacted by previous years’ taps.

Quality Control in the Sugarhouse: Knowing where things can go wrong, and making sure that they don’t.

The most helpful advice for producers concerned about damaging otherwise good syrup is the most basic; make sure to grade each batch carefully and don’t assume that just because everything went smoothly in the sugarhouse that the syrup doesn’t need to be checked. The following is a list of problems that can occur with the four primary qualities of syrup, and how to avoid them.