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Energy use in maple operations

A summary of a presentation on energy efficiency in maple production.

Why change the maple grading system?

Thoughts on the value of implementing the new maple grading system.

More invasive plants of the sugarbush

Identifying and removing invasive plants when they are few and small is the only way to keep from having a permanent infestation, one that will be a constant annoyance and expense.

Sugarbush roots

The root systems of our trees are rather mysterious, and somewhat fragile. It pays to take precautions to protect the part of the tree that is not visible, just as we protect the rest of the tree that we can see.

The aesthetics of sap collecting

A guide to keeping up appearances in your sugaring operation.

Maple production in 2010

A summary of the current state of maple production in New England is based on surveys returned from approximately 210 sugarmakers in April, 2010.

The maples of North America

A description of all the maple species native to North America.

Avoiding equipment trouble

Common problems with sugaring equipment and how to avoid them.

Sweet maples

While it is possible to identify sweet trees through sap testing, the reasons why certain trees are sweet may be mostly genetic, and finding those genes may be no easy matter.