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Maple Syrup Quality Control Manual

The most important contribution to the production of high quality maple syrup and syrup products is cleanliness and attention to detail in all parts of the production process. This manual provides guidance for doing so.

Maple’s Changing Story

Why and how maple producers can shape their stories to connect with potential customers.

Planning for the Future of your Sugaring Operation

With an aging farmer population, including maple producers, more attention must be paid to how farmers can successfully transition out of active farming. At the same time, burgeoning interest in farming from young (and not so young) folks – many of whom do not come from farm backgrounds – offers creative transition opportunities. Older farmers can arrange for the continuing productive use of sugarbush and other productive lands.

Sap Collection from Small-Diameter Trees

For several years, we conducted research on the collection of sap from small-diameter maple trees. This document outlines the basic concepts, techniques, and applications of this type of sap collection.

Sap Prices

Table presenting suggested prices per gallon for a maple producer to purchase sap.

Sugarhouse Aesthetics: What The Public Sees

Some producers are willing to open up their sugarhouse doors to show the buying public how we make the sweet treat. Repeat customers know the quality of product produced, but for many consumers the operation’s aesthetics are critical to their purchasing habits.