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1998 Ice Storm Effects on the Health and Productivity of Sugar Bushes of Eastern Ontario

In 1998, fifteen managed sugar bush blocks with 7% to 72% ice-induced crown damage were established in eastern Ontario. Results suggest that severe ice storm damage to crowns resulted in reduced fall root starch levels and less sap production, and/or sap sweetness, and therefore lowered the syrup producing capacity of sugar maple.

Field Evaluation of the Small Diameter Spout for Maple Sap Collection

Beginning in 1999, a newly introduced maple sap spout for use in smaller diameter tapholes was evaluated at Cornell University’s Uihlein Sugar Maple Research/Extension Field Station near Lake Placid, New York. After two sap production seasons, no significant differences were found in sap volume yield and sap sugar concentration in maple sap collected with the small diameter spout compared with that of the conventional sap spouts.

Two Pipe Sap Ladder – A Promising Alternative

A two pipe sap ladder consists of a structure of two vertical pipes connecting the lower and upper sections of mainline. It was initially thought that the sap would lift in the pipe on the vacuum side and that air would travel through the pipe on the bush side. Results were not as expected.

OSHA Inspections: The Maine Experience

Maine OSHA introduced a Local Emphasis Program for the Food and Kindred Products Manufacturing Industries. The inspection program will include 49 food production industries, including maple syrup.

Comparison of Alternative Sap Ladders Applied Research in Ontario

Sap ladders have been developed by maple producers in response to the challenge of transferring sap over gradients in sugar bushes. The main objectives of the present study are to learn more about sap ladders so that recommendations can be made regarding their comparative effectiveness.

High Pressure Boiler Selection for the Production of Maple Products

Maple producers contemplating the use of high pressure steam should carefully plant their steam system with the assistance of qualified persons. Proper boiler selection to meet the system requirements is an important step in the success of any steam system.

Sugar Maple/Ginseng Research Projects

This project was conducted to determine if ginseng could be cultivated in a sugar maple forest for alternative income.