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Testing for Invert Sugar in Maple Syrup

Invert sugar content of syrup determines how well the syrup will crystalize when making value-added products. This article explains how to conduct that test.

Equating Syrup Price to Sap Price

In fairness to both sap producers and sap purchasers, the price of maple sap should be directly related to the price of maple syrup. This chart helps calcuate that value.

Sugar Maple Tree Improvement Program

Maple producers and rural landowners throughout the maple syrup producing regions of the Northeast have expressed interest in acquiring improved sugar maple seedings for future sap production. A sugar maple tree improvement program for high sap concentration began in the 1960s under the direction of the USDA Forest Service.

Update on the Maple Tubing Sanitation Research in Ontario

In the spring of 1998, a research project was initiated to develop alternative methods for maple produces using plastic tubing systems. Although the results are only preliminary, the development of alternative sanitation methods that may reduce reliance on chlorine is looking very promising.