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Sweet Talk: All Things Maple

This ongoing podcast features interviews with researchers and educators about topics related to maple production and marketing.

Assessing Damage to Maple Sapwood Caused by Tapping

The area of stained sapwood associated with tapping or other wounds in maple trunks has long been interpreted to represent the area of wood that is compartmentalized, and thus unavailable for sap flow. We tested this interpretation by passing dye through maple stems that had been tapped and observing the area that was blocked. Our results indicate that the blocked portion of the trunk associated with a wound taphole is somewhat larger than the area which is visually compartmentalized (stained).

Maple Management

Maple production resources for foresters, landowners, and businesses.

Sugarbush Leases

Negotiating legal lease arrangements for sugarbush.

Sustainable Tapping

Investigating how to best tap trees for long-term forest health and sustainable maple production.